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    Theatre 110: Acting I

    This course focuses on the access to/use of self for the performer. It is a foundation for the advanced acting classes.
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    Theatre 230: Acting II

    Innovations include restructuring this course as a continuation of Acting I and a prerequisite to the BFA tracks. I assisted in developing a new syllabus for this course.
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    Theatre 231 (formerly106): Voice & Speech

    This course is taught by two faculty members. This course is geared for both majors and non-majors and is focused on a broad introduction to optimal voice and speech work.
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    Theatre 324: Theatre in the Americas

    This course is a survey of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latina/o Theatre and Performance. Students will read/watch and discuss various productions written by or about Latinos in the Americas. Students will explore the history and events of the Americas that shape these productions.
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    Theatre 400: Foundations

    This course focuses on personal practice and daily conditioning for the actor.
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    Theatre 430: Voice and Speech I

    This is the first course of a four-semester progression I developed for the BFA Acting track. Goals for this class include awareness of vocal habits, ability to describe those habits, and creating an individual warm-up.
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    Theatre 431: Voice & Speech II

    This is the second course of the four-semester progression. Goals for this class include ability to recognize sound placement and individual dialect and ability to transcribe sound using the International Phonetic Alphabet.
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    Theatre 475/575: Rehearsal Studio

    This course allows students to actively apply the tools they have learned in a production setting. It is a delicate combination of supporting individual actor growth, while setting an example of professional rehearsal standards. The course goals change depending on individual production. Time period, history, style, language, and character all demand different skills from the actor.
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    Theatre 530: Voice & Speech III

    This is the third course of the four-semester progression. Goals for this class include intelligibility of heightened language and recreation of dialects through somatic and auditory exploration.
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    Theatre 531: Voice & Speech IV

    This is the last of a four-semester progression developed for the BFA Acting track. Goals for this class include continued exploration of dialects and the ability to research and teach a dialect.
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    Theatre 6281: The Teaching of Voice

    The course offers teachers a foundation for clear and strong voice work at the high school level. It is part of a summer MA program for theatre educators at the University of Houston.